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COOLERS (bottled water dispenser):

Our water coolers are rented by the month, giving you the benefit of service

& warranty without the long-term commitment. We have 2 different types of coolers for rent: 

  • Cook/Cold: Offering cold water for drinking and room temperature water for cooking or filling up ice trays or coffee/tea makers. 

  • Hot/Cold: Offering cold water for drinking and instant hot water for making instant tea, hot cocoa & soups, etc!

Our coolers take up approximately 1 square foot of space & do require electricity. If electricity is a problem don't worry we can get ceramic water crocks, metal tip stands or cases of smaller bottles to fit right in the fridge!
The ceramic water crocks can be placed on your counter, table or on their own wooden stand. The metal tip stands & cases of smaller bottles are great for camping or when bad weather strikes!

Don't worry, if you have your own cooler we wil still have home water delivery as well as office water delivery in Tahlequah (and surrounding cities). 

Do you enjoy a great cup of coffee first thing in the morning or all throughout the day? Then you will love our coffee. Since great coffee starts with great water, you are already half way to a wonderful cup of exciting tastes and aromas. Check out our COFFEE & ESSENTIALS page to learn more!

Home Water Delivery