If you want that perfect cup of coffee there is more to it than the bean.  Just as important is the water that you use to run through that bean.  Try our bottled water page to see options that we can provide !!!

We are excited to carry HENDERSON COFFEE.We can supply an individual home all the way up to the multi-employeed office. For convenience stores or plumbed coffee makers, please contact HENDERSON COFFEE.

We carry all your coffee needs including (but not limited to) the commercial coffee brewers, the pre-measured filtered coffee (in the blends mentioned below), hot chocolate, powdered creamers (regular and flavored), sugar & sweeteners and cups (sold by the case only). 

  • HENDERSONHOUSE BLEND             comes 42 pots to the case and is 1.5 oz/pouch

  • HENDERSONDARK ROAST              comes  40 pots to the case and is 1.75 oz/pouch

  • HENDERSONDECAF                     comes 36 pots to the case and is 2 oz/pouch

  • HENDERSONK-CUPS                            comes 72 k-cups per box

  • Folger's filter packs, tubs of loose ground and k-cups ALSO AVAILABLE


Coffee brewers:

Most of our coffee is pre-measured in filter packs ready to be brewed in any coffee brewer BUT we do have brewers available for rent to homes and offices. 

     > Airpot Brewer - brews 1.9 Liters of hot, satisfying java directly into a                 glass lined airpot so you have coffee on the go for hours at a time.                           Monthly Brewing Charge

     > 1 pot brewer - brews up to 10 cups of coffee within 3 fast minutes with ...............a warming plate to keep fresh for instant access.  

              Monthly Brewing Charge

​​​email: office@1sourcewater.com

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