One Source Water, LLC distributes water bottled by Eureka Water company located in Oklahoma City, OK for our home water delivery and office water delivery in Tahlequah (and surrounding cities). 

We offer our customers three water choices, any of which will quench your thirst

  • EUREKA SPRING WATER: Natural spring water, from the Ouachita National Forest, Polk County Arkansas, where this high-quality spring water flows naturally to the surface.  

  • EUREKA DRINKING WATER: A crisp, refreshing drinking water. Drawn from a 603 foot Artesian well, it goes through a steam distillation process. Minerals are added back to give it a bright, sunny taste. The ultimate thirst quencher. It even makes coffee, tea and lemonade taste better.

  • EUREKA DISTILLED WATER: It’s water in its purest form. It contains no minerals and no sodium compounds. Perfect for special diets, steam irons and even watering plants.



Our bottle deposit policy is pretty simple and straight foward. Upon set-up you are charged a $7 refundable deposit on each bottle we deliver. If you ever need an increase in your bottle count you will be charged $7 for each extra bottle. If you request a decrease in bottle count, you will receive a $7 credit for each extra empty that we pick up. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

"Your ONE Source for Bottled Water & more!"